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when they call you you will think they are repuatable company,they will rip you off the only that you can get out of there contract is to cancell you credit card then they will abuse you and send you lots of e mails telling all sorts that your credit card company will have to pay them a charge back because we cancelled it and that is fruad ,,,,.the last e mail that i got back from them starts off you fat *** ,how delightfull,,,the people behind dot chrome google are criminals that will rob you every chance they get, stop the card at once ,call your bank and get them to change your account number .i hope this stops you from being riped off ,rember dot chrome google is a rip off

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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I wonder how many of us have had our payments to dot chrome via Paypal cancelled. Dot Chrome alledgedly(!) say they have cancelled their account with Paypal because they were being scammed.

Seems they want us to pay using a credit card or our bank account. Fat chance.

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